When people think of the roofer, they may think only of putting on new roofs. Of course, roofing services go far beyond the building of a new one. You may have had experience with this if you’ve ever needed repairs. If not, you may become acquainted with them in the future. After all, rare is the house that never needs any maintenance throughout a homeowner’s lifetime. If you are this category, consider yourself lucky. Still, an emergency could happen tomorrow. It’s best to at least have a passing knowledge of everything a good contractor can do for you. Without further ado, here are some of the most common jobs.


Roofing services are often in the realm of redoing past mistakes, either by the contractor themselves or by a new crew coming in at a later time. Of course, mistakes aren’t the only reasons for do-overs. Often, simple factors such as age and weather can bring a roof to its knees, severely weakening the entire structure. When this happens, merely repairing the existing material or patching up some rough spots may not be enough. The contractor may have to tear everything off and start from scratch. For the homeowner, it could cost more than having a roof built in the first place. Let us know more about the roof shingles


A good roof should last upwards of fifteen to twenty years, at least. Some materials are meant to last even longer than that. But even the best materials can get damaged due to extreme weather and other factors. When that happens, leaks can begin letting water into the home, causing a host of other problems. This is why repairs are some of the most called upon roofing services in many areas of the country. For those homeowners who live in areas afflicted by hurricanes and tornadoes, the number of a good contractor is a nice thing to have handy.


If you’re in the market for a new home, experts suggest that you don’t sign a thing until you’ve had a home inspector look over your property. As part of that deal, your roof should certainly be looked at for signs of wear and damage. Inspection roofing services aren’t limited to those in the market for real estate, however. Many in the know suggest having a thorough inspection at the culmination of each winter to make sure that your roof is in prime condition to handle the bad weather on the way. It could be difficult for workers to get up there in the snow, so it pays to have the peace of mind that comes with a pre-season once-over.